A Gardening Montage

Convenor: Anita Yeung
Day/Time: 2nd Monday of the month, 10:30am – 12:30am
Venue:         varying locations.

It is proposed that after each meeting, a short report with photographs will be posted. These are presented at the bottom of the page.


Programme October 2019 to June 2020

Month                                         Venue                                      Items

14 November 2019           National Trust Garden Scheme Review 2019 Courthouse theatre  Co.Antrim 7:30pm Market Square BT41 4AW   
17th December 2019 Nelson Street Main Hall Christmas workshop organised by Irene & Joan
13th January 2020 Margaret Lork’s House Quiz
10th February 2020 Secret Garden Lunch
9th March 2020 Mairon Mahaffey’s House Seeds
8th April 2020 N/A N/A
11th May 2020 Heather Semple’s House Sharing seeds
8th June 2020 Hillsborough Castle Tour & Lunch

Flower rota —

         Ellie & Daryl                              October – November‘19

         Anne & Irene                            November – December’19

        Joan & Eveline                          December’19 – January’20

Gardening Reports

Gardening Report – 17th December 2019

Subject:. Christmas flowers workshop It really was a great morning very productive and good fun with our mulled wine Christmas ...
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Gardening Report – 14th October 2019

Minutes 11 members had a wonderful morning. Thank you Margaret & David for the use of your house for the ...
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09092019 - gardening1

Gardening Report – 9th September 2019

We had a fantastic Gardening Group Meeting. Thank you for the warm hospitality & leadership from Liz Mackinson. Thank you ...
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14082019 - gardening1.jpg

Gardening Report – 14th August 2019

The gardening group held it’s first Funky Flower Workshop as part of the East Antrim U3A Summer Workshops on Wednesday ...
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08072019 - gardening1.jpg

Gardening Report 8th July 2019

Our final meeting of the year was the usual garden lunch at Margaret ‘ s house and unfortunately I do ...
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10062019 - gardening1.jpg

Gardening Report – 10th June 2019

The luck of the Irish was really with the gardening group when we went to Glenarm castle gardens on Monday ...
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Gardening report – 13th May 2019

The May meeting of the gardening group which was hosted by Maureen Koelmeyer had an an almost full turn out ...
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Margaret Franklin At Home for Charity ‘Funding Neuro’

Venue : Margaret's Garden at 63 Rawbrae Road, Whitehead, BT38 9SZ Dates : Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th May 2019 ...
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Gardening – Margaret’s 85th

Photos from Margaret's 85th Birthday ...
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Gardening Report -8th April 2019

There was a very warm welcome from David who hosted our gardening group meeting at his home today, Monday 8th ...
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