Gardening Report – 13th January 2020

Monthly U3A Gardening Group meeting

13th January 2020

15 members had a wonderful morning. Thank you Margaret Lark for hosting the first Gardening group meeting of the year at her house.

Ellie Gawley will be the new convener from April to October 2020. Anita Yeung will start handling over the duty from now and will be working along Ellie until April.

Welcome to new member Marilyn Townley.

Thank you Maureen, Marion, Eveline, Brenda and Ellie working together to organise the book dividers for the book shelves.  Book case to be shared with Art club .

Meeting for the coming season -revised 

10th February 2020

Coleman’s Garden Center meeting at 10:30am

Table booked for 15 tea,coffee and scones will be served £4.50 per person.

Lunch to follow at 12:00 whoever wish after the meeting. 

9th March 2020

Marion Mahaffy’s house 10:30am 

Please bring pack of seeds and vegetables but No soil is required.

6th April 2020

Heather Simple’s house at 10:30am


11th May 2020

Liz Mackinson house 10:30am

Sharing seeds

8th June 2020

Hillsborough Castle

Tour details to be discussed

Thank you, 

Best wishes

Anita Yeung