Walking Maps – Local


Carrickfergus 01

Distance: 2.4 Km (1.5 miles)
Duration: 25-41 minutes
Route: Start at NIR Station. Go through North Gate and proceed to Market Place.
Go through the town then enjoy Marine Gardens to Fisherman;s Quay.
Return by Marine Highway Promenade and thus to the Station.


Carrickfergus 02

Distance: 2.8 Km (1.7 miles)
Duration: 29-48 minutes
Route: Start at NIR Station go round the Mill Ponds then throuh Shaftesbury Park and Marine Gardens to Fisherman’s Quay. Return via Marine Highway Promenade, and North Gate to the station


Whitehead 01

N.B. The traditional walk along the shore is currently closed for repair because of land slides. Once it is open again we will enjoy this beautiful walk on occasion. Below is a temporary solution.
Distance: 2.7 Km (1.7 miles)
Duration: 28-46 minutes
Route: There are two very short walks combined. The first (green) walk starts at the railway station exiting at the northern end of the platform using the level crossing and continues NNE along the promenade as far as the gate that closes off the traditional walk. Turn back here and go as far as the Yacht Club. This is a common point for both walks. Return to the railway here or follow walk two.

The second (yellow) walk is just 1 Km starts at the station but exits at the southern end using the path beside the foot bridge that goes past the Yacht Club. This is a common point for both walks. Turn right here then go under the rail line. Turn left to find the Beach Road Sanctury. This is quite small and is used by dog walkers but there are picnic tables here. Return to railway by the footpath along Beach Road.

Please note that trains for Carrickfergus leave from both platforms depending on time. 



Loughshore at HazelBank

Distance: up to 4 Km (1.7 miles)
Duration: Timed walk so suit yourself.
Route:From the car Park, join the path along the Lough Shore.
TerrainThis is a level, fairly straight route on well made paths. The first section is fairly barren but there are lots of benches further on. Walk as far as you like then take a rest and return. The walk stops in Whiteabbey Village where there are several eating places.