Tai Chi

Convenor: Teresa Connor 07811 971051 or Email
Tutor:         Jane Burke
Day/Time:  Tuesday 9:45 – 10:45 Starting 3rd May
Day/Time:  Wednesday 10:00 – 11:00    Starting 4th May
Cost:          £28 for 8 weeks

Please contact Teresa as above if interested. 

Fee payable on enrolling.

Tai Chi Class
A class in progress

One member reports “I find this class most enjoyable. The slow speed and gracefulness of the exercises belies the amount of energy actually being used. After just a few weeks I am starting to feel the benefits in better balance and flexibility.”

Jane Burke

Our Tai Chi tutor, Jane Burke is from Holywood. She runs Jade Maiden Tai Chi and Holistic Therapies. Studying Yang and Chen style Tai Chi for nearly 20 years, and has taught for well over a decade. She intensively trained with her old teacher Zhu Changhai for 9 years. Jane is a 4th Duan, and trains regularly with the Chen Xiao Wang World TaiJiQuan Association, qualifying with Grand Master Chen. She regularly commutes to Donegal to further her knowledge and skills with Master Chen, his son, Chen Ying Jun, and Gill Keogh. Jane won a gold medal in Qingdao, China in 2002, and ranked 21st in the World Championships in Beijing in 2007. Teaching is a passion for Jane, focusing on the health and well being benefits of Tai Chi.