Fused Glass

Convener: Alec Williams
Tutor:        Alec Williams
Day/Time  Saturday and Sunday  Group is currently full
Location: 43 Donegall Ave, Whitehead

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Description of Process

Objects are made using various sorts of glass. Sheets (clear and coloured) strings, powder, frits (small pieces of various sizes).strips and round bobbles (made in a microwave) They can incorporate hanging loops of wire. The glass comes mainly from a supplier (Warm Glass) or can be found on ebay.
Complex ones can be made stable using hair spray so that they can be moved to the kiln without falling apart or can be assembled on the kiln shelf..
Then fired in a kiln to melt together without losing too much detail between 720 and 765 or a full fuse to produce a smooth finish at 800 (Degrees Celsius)
The result can be used flat or put through a further process to deform into bowls, wavy shapes or a sort of cup using special moulds. These use usually ceramic moulds made by ourselves.
The objects are placed on the moulds and heated to 665 At this temperature they become plastic and slump under gravity into or over the mould.
In the gallery there are pictures of the kiln before emptying, objects both finished flat or ready for slumping and after slumping

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In Kiln
Out of Kiln
For Slumping